Our main focus is on creating quality blog content that pulls thousands of our dedicated readers toward your company and product – where they naturally want to be! SEO, link building, sponsored posts, articles, and so much more to give you that extra boost in Google and all over the world wide web!


Sponsored Articles

We publish sponsored blog posts in order for your company to gain the recognition, good quality link building, and the traffic it deserves. Most of our sites have a domain authority of over 20+, range from a wide variety of niches, and even better – we can get your post live in less than 24 hours.

Banner Advertising

We can place your company's advertisement on our high quality websites in order for you to target the right niche market and gain the right customers! Our most popular banner ad size is 250x250 pixels but we can always tailor fit your ad on our site in order for you to gain maximum exposure!

Social Media

Let our social media gurus post about your company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more! With our large social media following and dedicated readers, we'll get your name out there so you don't have to! Don't have time to post on your OWN social media channels? Give us the rein, and we'll send out your message for you. Contact us for more details!

Online Marketing Packages

We've got what it takes to take your website, company, or product to the next level. Our most popular online marketing package that includes a sponsored article, social media exposure, and banner ad, is the perfect mix for success. It's a great opportunity for good quality link building, SEO, and exposure in front of thousands of our die-hard readers.

Helping You Get Discovered

Just opened up an online store or have an exciting new product that needs exposure? With our expertise in search engine optimization, we have helped many small business break through the industry, and get their names out there. Did we also tell you that we've boosted most of our clients to the first page of Google? With our juicy articles, reviews, and the honor of having your product showcased on our credible websites, we can make you more than established literally overnight!

Your Rocket Ship to Success

Since 2006, the most effective marketing method for doing business online has been inbound marketing. Long gone are the days of buying ads, email lists, and begging to be mentioned online. Instead of cookie cutting plan for our clients, we custom tailor each of our services to meet your marketing goals, needs, and your timeline. Welcome us on board and let us become your full service inbound marketing department, or try us out and watch us take your business to the next level!


Examples of our effective marketing options such as sponsored articles, inbound links, banner ads, and so much more!


Better Blogs Media is an inbound marketing agency that specializes in various forms of digital advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) for businesses, products, online stores, and just about any online content that you want to promote. We offer guest posting, content marketing, advertising campaigns, custom link building, and social media exposure to help your company sky-rocket to the first page of Google!

Believing that the future of business is online marketing we are always striving to provide our customers with the best possible service. SEO, link building and advertising is what we specialize in. Our team believes in quality link building and advertising - and we totally rock! Together, our mission is to help other businesses connect using the most effective marketing method of doing business online - inbound marketing.

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